Valve eying CS:GO, Dota 2 players on WiFi to test New Technology

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Valve to test New Technology

Valve might soon be bringing in a technology for CS:GO and Dota 2 players to solve network & connectivity issues

CS:GO and Dota 2 players might soon get a surprise tech update from Valve. The developer has been in pursuit of volunteers playing both games specifically over a WiFi connection.

Tech-under-wraps for CS:GO & Dota 2 fans

The CS:GO and Dota 2 online communities have confirmed that Valve has reached out to them for help in developing this technology, which is clear hush-hush news as of now. While there is no official info available about this tech introduction, the unique prerequisites by Valve have caused fans to speculate.

Volunteer requirements by Valve:

  • WiFi-only players of CS:GO & Dota 2
  • Close attention to network latency and quality
  • Early build access to Windows Insider
  • Enthusiasm to help Valve test new tech viability

These requirement pointers will be shared with the shortlisted volunteers. Fletcher Dunn, a software developer at Valve, has publicly states this.

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Reasons for tech intro in CS:GO & Dota 2

Valve’s constant emphasis on ‘WiFi only’ players and network latency has users discussing a potential network enhancement technology for both games by the developer. If we look closely, it will not be difficult to conclude this, as players on WiFi are often plagued by packet loss, ping spikes and abrupt network connection.

Players using Ethernet do not face any such issues. Surprisingly, a developer has little say in such matters, as WiFi problems often concern the router or the service provider & plan used by the gamer.

Riot Games had recently tried something similar with Valorant to reduce ‘peekers advantage’ in CS:GO. Fans are guessing something similar up the sleeves of Valve. While this will surely improve CS:GO players’ experience, the new tech advent in Dota 2 and its benefits are yet to be enumerated.

While this new tech introduction will surely be a step in the right direction, many players have expressed their desire to see a few basic niggles in both games being addressed, which have been bothering them for a few years now. Hopefully Valve will be all ears to them as well.

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