What is Free Fire Max and How It’s Different from Free Fire?

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Free Fire developer Garena Game has brought Free Fire Max to India back in September this year. The game is an advanced version of the most popular game Garena Free Fire. The Free Fire Max is loaded with a range of exclusive features including customization of maps as per user preferences.

What is Free Fire Max

Powered by the Firelink technology, Garena Free Fire MAX enables players to log into the game using the Garena Free Fire account. The game features a 360-degree Lobby and Craftland in the game.

While launching the game, Garena said that the game will be packed with more realistic maps and immersive gameplay experiences.  Moreover, the game will bring an entirely new map named Bermuda MAX. Besides innovative maps, Free Fire Max also offers sophisticated weapons and sturdy vehicles in the game.

Garena Free Fire MAX is also better than the standard Free Fire game version. In the game, you will see a 4-man squad with in-game voice chat available inside Free Fire MAX.

How to Get Free Fire Max for Your Phone?

Gamers already registered for Garena Free Fire MAX before today’s launch would have automatically got the game downloaded on their phone with a wifi-network. The gamers will also get Max Raychaser (Bottom), Gold Royale Voucher (two), Max Raychaser (Facepaint), Cyber Max Skyboard, Max Raychaser (Head) as rewards.

If you haven’t yet registered for the game, you can head straight to Google Play Store or the App Store to download the game without rewards. The download size of the game for Android is 0.96GB, while it is 1.7GB for iOS.

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Free Fire Max vs Free Fire: 5 key differences

Now, let’s look into how Free Fire Max will differ from the standard edition of the Free Fire game.

Improved Graphics:

In terms of graphics, Garena Free Fire Max is way ahead if compared to Free Fire. The game fairs well with enhanced graphics, better in-game item rendering, and improved better character designs, etc.

Improved Draw Distance:

Free Fire Max has addressed the draw distance issue gamers frequently raised with Free Fire. Garena claims that they improved the draw distance at scale.  Technically, the Draw distance measures the distance from a player to an object to the horizon during gameplay. This improvement will help gamers to have a longer view of the scene so that they can spot enemies from afar.

Game Size:

Free Fire requires 500MB of free space for download while Free Fire Max consumes up to 1.5GB of space on your smartphone. If reports are to be believed, the game brings in new characters, lobbies, abilities, and more such features to accelerate the gameplay experience.

Thus, you can expect a lot more resources consumption (PU, GPU, RAM, and battery) by  Free Fire Max as compared to its Free Fire.

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