Wild Rift announces Free Champion Rotation from Feb 25 to Mar 3

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Wild Rift Free Champion Rotation

Wild Rift has announced its Free Champion Rotation scheduled for February 25 to Mar 3 where players gain access to ten heroes for free

The Wild Rift Free Champion Rotation for Feb 25 to Mar 3 has been announced. The event currently has 55 champions as of now with new characters being continuously added to the fold.

It allows players to enjoy free champion rotation starting from February 25 and to March 3, 2021.

Wild Rift Free Champion Rotation

Wild Rift gives players many options to unlock champions through in-game currency and events. This is a slow and tedious process. However, players can still experience the charm of the champions. Yes, it’s possible where they can play it during the free rotation.

Riot Games announced a free champion rotation from February 25 to March 3. Here every week players get the advantage to access 10 heroes for free. These changes every week that lets players try our various heroes before they buy them.

It is important to note here that the offer for free champions is not valid for Ranked Games unless gamers unlock it in the shop. The popular Free Champion Rotation is an option given to players to explore different roles in the game. Besides, it also allows them to be comfortable with the champion. Then they can decide on the champion they wish to unlock.

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List of Free-to-Play Champions

Check out the list of the Wild Rift Free Champion Rotation:

  • Ahri – The Nine-Tailed Fox
  • Dr. Mundo – The Madman of Zaun
  • Ezreal – The Prodigal Explorer
  • Fizz – The Tidal Trickster
  • Kennen – The Heart of the Tempest
  • Olaf – The Berserker
  • Xayah the Rebel and Rakan The Charmer
  • Soraka – The Starchild
  • Xin Zhao – The Seneschal of Demacia

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