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Mobile gaming used to be a single player environment entertainment. With the launch of Multiplayer and massive multiplayer modes coming into play, Mobile gaming has reached new heights, especially with games like PUBG Mobile, Clash Royale, Vainglory, etc.

For players looking out for multiplayer games, here are the top select games and apps for playing with or against friends and family.


PUBG Mobile was launched in March 2018 and is still reaching heights with its adept massive multiplayer battle royale genre. In general, 100 players start off on a huge island to be the last one standing among the rest. You can play solo or with friends by choosing various modes available inside the game making it quite interesting. Find your weapons, Survive and Kill; that’s basically all there is to it.



Clash Royale has been top esports title in mobile gaming in recent years. Key elements for the game revolves around base defense in a MOBA game mode.

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Vainglory is a strategic Multiplayer online battle arena game. If you have ever tried out games from Blizard, then you would get the hang of it pretty easily. Vainglory has become one of the top played and followed mobile esports titles with various leagues being organized all around the globe. With the implementation of new 5v5 mode, the game will see a huge growth into its competitive scene.



Like vainglory, Arena of Valore is a strategic MOBA game. The game is designed by Tencent Games along with PUBG Mobile.
Arena of Valor players got quite a surprise this year with 500,000 $ Tournament held in March.


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