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Tencent Games was launched in 2003, and has since grown into a leading global platform for game development, publishing and operations. The company has any accolades to its credit: it is the world’s largest video game company, one of the world’s most valuable technology companies, one of the world’s largest social media companies, and one of the world's largest venture capital firms and investment corporations. It is one of the most active investment corporations in the world, with stakes in over 600 companies, and recent focus on start-ups within Asia’s tech scene. The company surpassed the market value of $500 billion in 2018, becoming the first Asian technology company to cross the valuation mark. Tencent has been credited as one of the world's most innovative companies by numerous media and firms. As of 2018, Tencent had the 5th highest global brand value. Over the years, the company has remained dedicated to providing high-quality interactive entertainment experiences to players and currently offers more than 140 games, including PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile and League of Legends, to hundreds of millions of players across over 200 countries and locations. Tencent remains co committed to exploring the full potential of games, leveraging the rich IP resources within the company that span across literature, anime, film, and television. In addition, the company has been actively collaborating with game developers and publishers to create high-quality interactive entertainment experiences.