LG’s 2021 TV models to get Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce

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Cloud gaming services Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce will soon be available on LG TV sets along with an update to its WebOS operating system

LG Electronics has announced that its 2021 TV models will feature support for Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce cloud gaming services. The South Korean electronics major LG Electronics Inc. has announced the up-gradation of its 2021 TV models to make them bigger, slimmer and brighter along with support for Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce cloud gaming services.

Added benefit for Stadia & Nvidia users

App developers have to release specific versions of their apps for LG’s smart TVs, as the company opts for its own WebOS operating system, instead of Android TV. Google’s cloud gaming service is expected to arrive first in the next few months, but it won’t be available everywhere as Stadia is only on offer in a select few countries. But in a region where customers have access to Stadia, one will be able to unplug its Chromecast and thereby access the cloud gaming service.

Stadia operates similar to a console that runs in the cloud. Buying games and running them in a data centre nearby will make the video feed to stream directly to the screen and the gamepad controls, which relay to the server.

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Nvidia’s cloud gaming service will be arriving later this year. This service is a bit different from Stadia, as a player can take advantage of the Steam, Epic Games, GOG or Ubisoft Connect libraries. Previously, Nvidia has shown inclination towards its own set-top box with a GeForce Now app on the Nvidia Shield TV. Recently, the Android app has been updated with support for more devices, and by the looks of things to come, it is expanding beyond Android TV with WebOS support.

A fresh OS from LG for 2021

As for the LG-spec WebOS being the key facilitator for both the cloud gaming services, LG has announced an update to its indigenous operating system, which will now get a new interface for 2021. The changes include a full-screen menu at the bottom of the screen, which replaces the conventional overlay menu format. Users will now be able to find their favourite apps, access live TV and get some content recommendations as well.

For playing games, there will be a new game menu to access the most relevant settings. A user will now be able to switch from one TV profile to another from that menu depending on the type of games to play. G-Sync and FreeSync will also be available to be turned on via a compatible device.

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