Riot introduces new LCS 2021 on-air talent with fresh faces

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Riot introduces new LCS 2021 on-air talent, including Emily Rand, Hai, Razleplasm, and Allorim as a part of its brand identity overhaul

Riot Games has unveiled the league’s 2021 on-air talent team today and there are plenty of new faces ready to add some spice to the broadcast. Some of the new faces inducted in the broadcast crew include former ESPN staff writer Emily Rand, former pro player and coach Hai, former Golden Guardians Academy coach and LPL caster Razleplasm, and former Immortals best laner Allorim. This news was made official on LCS Twitter page.

Famous names make their way

Derrick ‘PRIMAL’ Asiedu will also be joining the LCS analyst desk bandwagon in 2021, while current Riot writer Kien Lam is expected to make some appearances on podcasts, but will not have much engagement in the broadcasting aspect of the show. This group will now be part of the standard crew of personalities that aficionados have become well aware of over the past few seasons. These include familiar names like Phreak, Jatt, Kobe, CaptainFlowers, Azael, LeTigress, Crumbz, MarkZ, and Spawn.

Ovilee May, who has become one of the more popular League personalities in North America, will not be part of the crew and the reason for his absence is not yet known. This might be a significant factor, as May has been a skilled interviewer, who has been active across the general League community, hosting products for multiple teams, including G2 Esports and Team Liquid.

Riot in an overhaul mode

Over the past few months, Riot has been dynamically revamping all of its leagues, the most recent being the LCK rebrand and its transition to a franchised league. It has been merely two years since the LCS underwent changes, such as the EU LCS becoming the LEC in a successful rebrand. Riot is now renewing its other major Western league to adapt it to the current times.

This news of new faces being introduced in LCS 2021 squad comes following the big LCS rebrand reveal where Riot showed off a completely revamped league look with new animations and a new logo. Interested gamers can check out everything new with the league when the 2021 Spring Split starts in NA with the LCS Lock-In tournament on January 15th.

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