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If one talks about the growth pattern of the E-Sports Industry, then one should not get baffled on seeing the sky-rocketing form of growth. With the regular form of developments and other advancements in E-Sports, the fate of it is changing rapidly. All of this change is the direct result of the growing popularity of Online Gaming Leagues. The involvement of professionals has been the reason why a number of audiences have also swelled up. This fast-paced growth of the competitive form of gaming is the result of backing provided by the various Gaming companies. No wonder, people today are witnessing a multi-million dollar Media & Entertainment Industry.

Over here the person getting involved will have lots of options provided by the specialists of the E-Sport gamers. There is no dearth of games, right from One-Persdon Shooter games to Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming Battles.

Top 10 E-Sports Games that are creating Waves

Now, let us delve into the top-10 elite online video games that are creating much-needed hype in the minds of a Gaming enthusiast.


Monster type of games Fortnite: The Battle Royale is not a child’s play as the game graphics suggest. This has ventured into the arena like a storm. The popularity of this game is climbing the ladder of success with each passing day.

The makers of this game are enjoying the popularity and gigantic viewership. A major cause for the hype has been due to the efforts of streaming Platforms like Twitch and Youtube with various influencer gamers supporting the game. This name is certainly not a baby in the Gaming Sector. Its managers have conducted several E-Sports Tournaments, Personal streams of individual players, gaming-related talk shows, etc.

Although some of the critics are having a doubt about its performance in E-Sports. On the other hand, due to Epic Games, the Fortnite game is becoming a very competitive and due to this is receiving a lot of attention of not just game lovers but also the experts in this particular arena.


The gamer loving or having a keen interest in (Multiplayer Online Gaming Battles) then League of Legends has become one of the best choices to look into. It was introduced on the gaming platform by Riot Games in 2009. This undoubtedly became the most promising and applauded versions of the games in the industry.
The gamers should not be having any doubt about the number of active users attached to it. From 2013 to the present time number is just increasing. The figure of 70 million gamers has now escalated to above 100 million active users. Every year the company successfully organizes the LOL World Championship attracting a worldwide audience and top eSport organizations.

As a reader, you will easily understand the popularity of viewership. With more than 200 million thrilled and excited users gazing about the success will not be an ordeal at all.


The name of Dota 2 Online Video Game will automatically sound familiar, as it is talked about a lot around the world. It will not be wrong to say that the game of this nature is being referred to as the colonist form in the E-Sports industry. Launching of this game also proved that apart from just entertainment, one could also go ahead with it as a professional.

This is a multiplayer online battle arena and came to limelight by top e-sport company Valve in 2013. If one is going to talk about its growth and popularity, then one is not going to be disappointed. As this has hosted one of the biggest E-Sports events, “The International” as its yearly championship and has also bagged the highest e-sport prize pools of all time.


Everyone would love to boast about the operations being carried out through Black Ops. They are special task forces. In it, the level of training and the ability to conclude any task of military nature is quite high. No wonder the level of satisfaction is also of an unmeasurable type. Call Of Duty a fantastic video online game by Treyarch and published by Activision is making the heartbeat pump faster with excitement.

There is so much craze amongst the kids and youth for this game throughout the world. It is the result of its popularity that Call of Duty E-Sports championships are being organized. One can say with confidence, that game like this has a great future in the Online Gaming Segment.


FIFA as a sport also has been very popular in each country of the world. Once in four years, a competitive event like the World Cup is held. Many countries participate and put an effort, skill, talent, etc to win this lucrative and honorable Championship Trophy. Seeing the popularity and love for the game a digital form of video game has also been made.

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Since the time of inception, FIFA has been one of the biggest E-Sports games in the world. The competitiveness of this game has scaled heights not only in participation but in the viewership as well. In the virtual format, it was launched in 2004 but with the passage of time, one says a great influx of the participants.

At the present time, one could announce officially that more than 20 million players from across the globe compete for winning the FIFA E-World Cup Live Event.


Well, in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) there is a new entrant of the game Heroes of The Storm. This game was developed by a renowned e-sport brand Blizzard Entertainment. The makers of the game have carried out a lot of research and development for making the game a success.

Characters which form a part of the game have been there in the previous games introduced by the developers of the game. The list includes – DiabloStarCraftWarCraft, and IP Overwatch. Originally this game was launched in 2016 8under the name “Blizzard Dota”, Later on being changed to “Blizzard All-Stars”.

Eventually, the developers finalized it with the name “Heroes of the Storm”. Some experts might have different views about the name but let me tell to all online game enthusiasts that it is moving on to become the most promising E-Sport Game in the present time.


Valve Corporation is a renowned name in the online gaming industry and introduced its first Counter-Strike in 1999. It is one of the most popular forms of multiplayer first-person shooter video games. Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) was released in 2012 and since then has become one of the most popular esports games that continue to grow with the participation of more than 850 thousand satisfied CSGO gamers.

There are multiple forms of single and multiple gaming tournaments like – Intel Extreme MastersESL One, and DreamHack in which the CSGO players participate.


Online Game like Rocket League does carry a punch and which is highly appreciable by the gamers living on the face of the earth. The game challenges other teams for aerialacrobatic football battles in the sequence of five-minute games.

This new car football game is earning gamer’s admiration in multiple forms. Psyonix the developer of the game is making sure that money does not become the constraint and so is investing large sums of money. Since, 2015 addition of new game functionalities, expanded to new regions, included tournaments, etc. Plus, the company has also inked the deal with DreamhackGfinityESL, and NBC.

These are some of the giants in terms of hosting E-Sports at the world –Wide level. One can’t run away from the fact, of seeing the growth of Rocket League in the contemporary time period.


The imagination has no restrictions and so one just needs to ponder over along with meaningful creativity. Starcraft II being launched in the year 2010 post the success of its first part that had also garnered success and popularity from the people. One could accept that multiple forms of challenges were being faced by the game.

Having said this, all tough moments are being taken care off and are enjoying the rise in viewership. This is why it has been able to be the recipient of noteworthy awards.

Some of them are listed below –
• VGX Award for Best PC Game in 2010.
• VGX Award for Best Performance in 2010 by Tricia Helfer.
• Telly Awards for TV Programs, Segments in 2011. Blizzard Entertainment.


Talking about an action-packed online game, then Overwatch is the answer to the young and curious gamers. Blizzard Entertainment is a leading maker of the Computer Games throughout the world. It started in 1994 and is growing with its seamless functioning for almost two decades.

Professionals of the company have always been focusing on the creation of a well-designed, highly enjoyable form of entertainment experience. No other company is in a position to continuously deliver an unparalleled form of superior professionalism in the reputation segment.

There are multiple games which have come out from this umbrella – World Warcraft, Diablo, Heroes of The Storm, Starcraft II, etc. It is the dedication and commitment of the professionals that have been the root cause of maintaining the reputation for so many years.


The list of Online Video Games mentioned above is the right choice for Online Gaming lovers. In the E-Sport arena, there is a lot of chatter about not just the functioning but the scale at which these game are functioning. Above-mentioned games are surely going to bring the much-needed form of thrill in the minds and heart of the young and skilled online gamers.

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