PogChamps 3: Day 4 Match, Player, Gaming Highlights

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PogChamps 3_Day 4

Day 4 of PogChamps 3 saw Daniel Negreanu beat Rubius in twin matches, while Benjyfishy outperformed Neeko in two games via quick checkmates

PogChamps 3, which hit the floor on February 14th, has been witnessing some thrilling matches and nail-biting finishes. This tournament has 16 players  battling it out for a massive prize pool of $100,000 and fans have had an exciting experience till now.

Nigreanu beats Rubius in PogChamps 3

Poker sensation Daniel Negreanu kicked off day 4 PogChamps 3 on a highly positive note, as he defeated Rubius twice. Initially, both contenders started off on an equal footing till middle game.

It was only when the floodgates opened, that viewers saw a rapid exchange of pieces between both players.

Grabbing an advantage from hereon, Nigreanu managed to widen his lead gap and eventually snatched a victory over Rubius, as the latter ultimately resigned.

PogChamps 3 match 2: Nigreanu vs Rubius

As the second game commenced, Rubius witnessed an initial flow of good luck. The Spanish streamer launched a scathing attack on Nigreanu with his black pieces.

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In a bold counter, Negreanu pushed his g-pawn and h-pawn up the board. This move however, did not go down well with the commentators, but it paid rich dividends later.

Not one to surrender this time around, Rubius answered with his own smart moves. What led to his eventual loss was an erroneous click of his queen in the final ten seconds. This quickly made the game fall apart.

Rubius kept dropping more pieces and Daniel delivered a bank-rank checkmate with support from his advanced g-pawn. Thus Nigreanu won for the second time in a row.

Benjyfishy gains a victory over Neeko

Benjyfishy showcased his exemplary skills as he defeated Neeko quickly in both games. Neeko had a lot of practice with her favourite Bird, which she used in the opening.

However, Benjy seemed quite well-prepared and dismantled Neeko’s successive defenses for a sharp checkmate.

While the second game lasted longer, it did not yield positive results for Neeko. Benjyfishy played like a pro, using skillful and precise moves to stay in constant control till the end.

Commentators and viewers were in awe of Benjy’s prowess and he certainly stands a good chance to win this season of the tournament.

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