Werewolf Mode on Chinese CODM touted to arrive in India

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Werewolf Mode CODM

The Chinese version of COD Online will soon get the Werewolf Impostor Mode and Indian players can expect this feature to be introduced soon

COD Online players in China will soon get the Werewolf Mode and it is being touted to be similar to the Werewolf Impostor mod in Among Us.

It will be part of the Season 2 update of the popular game. While the developers are tight-lipped about this mode’s global release, Indian COD gamers can expect this mode to be available soon, given the vast popularity of the game in this region.

Among Us’ Impostor Mod works on similar lines

The Werewolf Impostor mode in Among Us has been quite a hit among players, as it provided the much needed crewmate and impostor roles the game initially lacked. A dedicated button allows the Impostor to transform into a werewolf without the knowledge of his crewmates.

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Many gamers however, were quick to point out that this ode was released in COD Online even before Among Us introduced it. But there does not see much authenticity in this claim, as other players failed to locate any such mode across COD.

Details of Werewolf Mode in COD

The CODM version might get a tweaked version of the aforementioned feature and given the cutting-edge graphics that COD boasts of, Indian players can be sure of a pleasant surprise if this mode finds its way here.

It essentially involves a Werewolf Mode where a player can randomly select a card, which will assign specific roles. Only the hunter would be able to kill the werewolf and the werewolf must remain hidden amongst the villagers. Apart from this, the villagers can also vote on who they think the werewolf is.

An area of concern might be the mode’s difficulty in achieving optimum performance in microphone communications. Multilingual regions also would be hard-pressed to effectively play this mode.

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