CoD Warzone is Celebrating First Anniversary with Customized Reports

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Warzone 1st anniversary

CoD Warzone is treating players with customised statistic reports to celebrate the first anniversary of the game

On the eve of the first anniversary of the Call of Duty: Warzone release, this popular battle royale title is keeping this a low-key affair. Players can now check their stats with the new Warzone Report.

The authorized CoD Twitter account of Call of Duty: Warzone is posting customized images to celebrate the anniversary. This features statics of players today. Also, you can get it for yourself.

How to Check the Custom-Made Stat Reports?

  • To get the updated reports on the completion of one year, players can tweet the hashtag #WarzoneReport with their right Activation ID Gamertag.
  • The Call of Duty account will ultimately reply with a graphic.
  • Activation accounts are set for sharing? If yes, the algorithm will pull the statistics of the players. Alternately, players can do the same from the website.

So, on one hand where players are wondering what could be coming to the official Twitter account of Call of Duty: Warzone, the report benefits with different features.

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Info for CoD: Warzone players

Featured players can check in the report includes states over the past year. In reply to the post for the Activision account of the player, name or number generates a chart that shows kill/death ratio, total hours played, and wins, in addition to a couple of other stats relating to those figures.

This information is readily available on a couple of sites, and in-game. The Warzone’s report gives players a simple yet clear image in a neat tidy package to spam out their brag and squadmates with ease.

Players must think before tweeting. It depends on whether a player wants to see the statistics of all your friends.

The rumors and supposed leaks show that change is coming soon where Verdansk may get nuked. This will pave way for a new map finally.

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