Tencent bans 44 more teams for cheating in PMCO Spring Split 2021

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Tencent PMCO bans

Tencent has banned an additional 44 teas from this year’s PMCO on grounds of cheating and hacking to bring transparency to the split

Tencent will be organizing the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Spring Split 2021’s finals for different regions in the world. The event will see the top 16 teams from each region competing in the finals, once the group stages are over.

What has been a cause of concern for the organizer in the past is the increasing number of cheating and hacking cases plaguing the event.

Tencent goes hard on PMCO hackers

To address this concern in 2021, Tencent has been more proactive in delving a heavy blow to hackers. As per a company circular, Tencent has announced that it has disqualified 44 teams for allegedly violating the competitive integrity and code of conduct.

As a precursor to its strict measures, the company had already disqualified 13 teams last week from the group stages for varied reasons.

PMCO 2021 cheaters made public

This is the first time in the history of the PMCO that Tencent has gone public with a list of teams disqualified, along with the reason behind the move.

Participants had earlier wished for a similar move as a lack of it created rampant speculation among contestants. They should now be pleased with this transparent module started by Tencent for the PMCO.

Teams which have already qualified for the finals will be replaced by the next highest-ranking team. Below are the 44 teams disqualified from the PMCO Spring Split 2021.:

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Europe Wildcard

  • DarkKnock: Usage of Third-Party Software
  • Rozavlea: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • Master Esports: Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • team masters: Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software

United Kingdom

  • CYREX esports: Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • Smokers Esports: Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • V12: Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • Syrax Esp: Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • Fool Esports: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • UNI TEAM: Ringing/ Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • iKURD E-SPORTS: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • Optic Gaming: Ineligible player
  • KURD MAN – Usage of Third-Party Software

United Arab Emirates

  • Emaar: Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • Aquareborn: Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • EmiratesDxB: Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • Team Shurta: Participating in Multiple Regions
  • F16 Esports: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • Barcode Plch: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • MYS Gaming: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • Semper Victor: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • Team iQ: Ineligible player


  • LDI PUNCH: Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • OneDon: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • NCS ESPORTS: Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software
  • Vforv: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • MASTERSxFR: Ineligible player
  • SPACE FORCE: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • 4RQ Esports: Usage of Third-Party Software

North America

  • TeamMvrk: Usage of Third-Party Software
  • Kof5g: Not Meeting Residential Requirement


  • FLBV: Usage of Third-Party Software
  • Lux Game Espor: Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software


  • ROV ESPORTS: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • Cyber Cartel: Usage of Illegal Device (Tablet)
  • TeamOpRaJpuT: Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software


  • Black Cloud: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • OldTeamEG: Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software


  • BFF ESPORTS: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • LAST DAY: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement
  • Logic up: Ineligible player

MENA Wildcard

anonymuos: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement


Flex esports: Bypassing of Anti-Cheat Software

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Delta9: Ringing/Not Meeting Residential Requirement

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