Activision has launched Season 4 in CoD Black Ops Cold War

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Season 4 Cold War

Black Ops Cold War Season 4 began on June 17 and Treyarch has released the full patch notes for updates, including new MP content, League Play and more

Black Ops Cold War Season 4 officially began on June 17, and Treyarch has released the full patch notes for what’s new in the game, including new MP content, updates, new Zombies features, and more.

Season 4 update in Black Ops Cold War

Season 4 of Black Ops includes a new Battle Pass with 100 Tiers to progress through, similar to the previous ones, alongside new MP maps like Hijacked, new Outbreak region Zoo, and more updates across the game.

Treyarch has posted the patch notes for the new update. The new update went live on June 15 at 9 PM on all platforms with the Season 4 content becoming available 24 hours later on June 16 at 9 PM.

Warzone’s update went live on June 16 at 9PM with more information to come on its updates. The patch notes and information below are only applicable to Black Ops Cold War MP & Zombies.

Season 4 Black Ops Cold War: All patch notes


  • 100 new Battle Pass tiers including the MG 82 LMG and C58 assault rifle
  • Five total new weapons throughout the season
  • “Ground Fall” launch week limited-time event
  • Four new Prestige Levels (16-19)
  • New Prestige Shop content
  • New Weapon Unlock Challenges
  • A New Gifting feature
  • New Challenge tracker
  • A New lobby theming
  • + More in-season
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Multiplayer Map in Season 4

  • New 6v6 maps: Collateral Strike (6v6), Hijacked (6v6)
  • New Combined Arms map: Collateral (12v12)
  • A fresh New Gunfight + Face Off map: Amsterdam (2v2, 3v3)
  • New MP modes: One in the Chamber, Multi-Team: Sat-Link, Hardcore Hardpoint
  • New Featured Playlists: Hijacked 24/7, Cranked Hardpoint
  • A new Scorestreak: Hand Cannon
  • 20 New Multiplayer Season Challenges
  • + More in-season, including Rush (6v6) and Capture the Flag
  • League Play
  • Skill Division adjustments
  • LC10 and AK-47 now restricted
  • + More in-season, including League Play rewards

Zombies in Season 4 Cold War

  • New Outbreak Region: Zoo
  • A new Outbreak Main Quest: Operation Excision
  • New Dark Aether story Intel
  • Additional Zombies tracks to unlock for the Music Player
  • New Operator Missions in Zombies
  • New Onslaught Map (PlayStation): Collateral
  • 20 New Zombies Season Challenges
  • + More in-season, including the upcoming “Mauer der Toten” round-based map

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