CoD Mobile Season 3: Tokyo Escape Battle Pass, New Maps, Modes

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Season 3 CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 3 is all set to hit the floor. Players battle it out in Japan, with new Multiplayer Maps, new modes and the Tokyo Escape Battle Pass

The third season of CoD Mobile is all set to take place in Tokyo, Japan. Christened as Tokyo Escape, the latest season will introduce an all-new battle pass, new Multiplayer maps and new game modes.

Season 3 of CoD Mobile goes live on April 17. The latest community update for Season 2 had teased Season 3 details last week.

Season 3: Tokyo Escape Battle Pass

The Tokyo Escape Battle Pass features 50 brand-new tiers of free and Premium content. These comprise of new weapons, Operators, Blueprints, Charms, Calling Cards, emotes and CoD Points. Players get to progress through the tiers just by simply playing CoD Mobile.

Battle Pass Free Tiers

With this Battle Pass, gamers can knock down their enemies using the new ‘Bull Charge’ Operator Skill unlocked at Tier 14. They get to spray a hail of fire using the new PP19 Bizon submachine gun unlocked at Tier 21.

Other free tier items include the Samurai Tuna Charm, the Samurai Chop Calling Card and the Severed camo series among others.

Premium Pass Tiers

On purchasing this Battle Pass, players get a chance to earn all of the content available in the Tokyo Escape stream. This unlocks the new Operator, Hidora Kai (The Boss), right at Tier 1.

Gamers also get to unlock the Type 25 ‘Oni’, the Showdown Calling Card and the Hannya Charm. Constant progression through the tiers earns players CoD Points, the Card Armor camo series and the Way of the Sword emote.

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New Multiplayer Maps in CoD Mobile Season 3

The new Season adds two new maps: Oasis and Coastal in the Multiplayer map rotation. Oasis was initially introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and is set in a luxurious desert hotel.

This medium sized map challenges Operators to battle it out across the hotel courtyard, spa and parking lot, using every opportunity to outflank and outsmart opponents.

Coastal is a brand new map set in a cozy sea town. This map boasts of clear skies and perfect weather for competition. Players have to fight outdoors across broad, paved lanes, or weave through the map’s indoor locations on their way to the next target.

CoD Mobile Season 3: New Multiplayer Modes

The new Multiplayer playlist comprises the new Swords & Stones and Night Modes, arriving later in Season 3. In Swords & Stones, Operators deploy with melee weapons and grenades only.

Gamers have to take out enemies for a boost to their movement and attack speed. They will be fighting for the Shadow Blade Operator Skill when it airdrops onto the map.

Battery-charged night vision goggles will be available in the updated Night Modes. This enables players to land their kills when the light’s still on. Once done, then can slink away during the time for a recharge.

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