Epic Games adds Tron Items, Outfits to Fortnite Collection

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Tron in Fortnite

Fortnite’s current season gets items and outfits based on the Tron franchise and this End of Line collection will be available in the Item shop

Epic Games seems to be leaving no stone unturned to convert Fortnite into a star-studded experience. After the Flash skin was inducted in the game, the latest addition to Fortnite Season 2 is a Tron crossover.

Tron franchise arrives in Fortnite

Items and outfits from the Tron franchise will be available as a Fortnite in-game purchase option. Termed as the ‘End of Line’ collection, cosmetic revamps will now be on offer.

These include the famed Light Cycle, Identity Disc and many other Light Suit guises for players to choose from. Tron’s massive ‘digital frontier’ is a hit among fans of the franchise.

All the action happens on an island and Fortnite gamers, who now stand a chance to become ‘Grid Warriors’, can surely expect to replicate a similar experience henceforth.

Tron options in Fortnite

Gamers now get to select from an array of distinctive looks, including Cypher, Firewall, Proxy, Datapath, Packet, Bitstream, Commandline, Upload, Io and Bandwidth while opting for their favourite Tron items.

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Each suit comes with the option to remove your helmet. As an added attraction, players will get a Light Cycle rideable Glider, a Pickaxe and Identity Disc-themed Back Bling on picking up this collection.

Items at a glance

  • Cypher
  • Firewall
  • Proxy
  • Datapath
  • Packet
  • Bitstream
  • Commandline
  • Upload
  • Io
  • Bandwidth

Tron items pricing

Each Tron outfit will be priced at 1,500 V-Bucks individually and the Light Cycle will be separately available for 800 V-Bucks. The Identity Disc items come with whatever outfit a player ends up purchasing.

The Tron universe

For the uninitiated, Tron is a hit 1982 science fiction movie featuring a young software engineer who gets sucked into a virtual world referred to as the Grid. The films also got a sequel in 2010 called Tron Legacy, which was also successful.

Fortnite’s tryst with offering a glamorous experience to players does not seem to end with the Tron as there have been hints of any more similar starts arriving in the Fortnite Universe.

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