Fortnite Competitive Violation: Epic urges players to use own Accounts

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Fortnite Competitive Violation

Today, Epic Games dedicated a blog to highlight the consequences of sharing an Epic account, or buying an account on sale. To avoid competitive violation, Fortnite gamers must use a dedicated Epic account registered in their name to play.

What is Competitive Violation in Fortnite

It deals with participating in a tournament on an account that has been previously purchased, gifted, or otherwise transferred from another player. This is a gross violation of the Epic Games Terms of Service and the Fortnite Competitive Official Rules.

A player shouldn’t participate or have participated in a tournament on an Epic account registered in another player’s name. If found guilty, Epic will take disciplinary actions as per Section 9.2 of the Fortnite Competitive Official Rules.

These actions may include disqualification from that tournament and loss of entitlement to any prizes that would have otherwise been awarded from that tournament. Epic will also disable the account and any cosmetics. The player will not receive the leftover currency on the account at deactivation.

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Fortnite competitive violation scenario

Players competing in Fortnite’s prized competitive events must create a new Hyperwallet account. They can follow these steps to ensure a successful transfer of payment information:

  • Contact Hyperwallet to close the current Hyperwallet account associated with the previous Epic account. Ask them to release the email as a unique identifier.
  • Complete the Tax Interview on the new, registered Epic account through the Competitive portal. This is only available after winning a prize award.
  • Register the Hyperwallet account with the gamer’s Tax Profile and new Epic account details.

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