Its official: Dota 2’s Dragon’s Blood Anime Series gets Season II

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Dragon’s Blood Season II

Valve has confirmed the Season II of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, which is expected to hit the floor early next year

It’s good news for Dota 2 fans as Valve’s anime series – DOTA: Dragon’s Blood for the game will now have a second season coming soon. The news was shared on Dota 2’s official Twitter account stating “Book 2 is coming!”

Dragon’s Blood Season II soon

It’s been less than a month since DOTA: Dragon’s Blood made its debut on Netflix. And it is quite evident that fans have lapped up the series wholeheartedly. Many have been asking for a Season II and Valve seems to have answered their prayers.

Valve confirmed that DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’s second season is “in the works”. The developer plans to called the new season as “Book II”.

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While the developer has not shared a release date officially yet, fans can expect it to go live at around March 2022. This is considering the production time taken by any standard anime to materialise.

Korean animation studio Studio Mir, which worked on several shows such as The Legend of Korra, will be once again working for Valve for Book 2.

Dota 2 Anime franchise expands with Dragon’s Blood II

What fans must remember is that this tentative date may shift if Valve time is applied to its release date. Valve might release Dragon’s Blood’s trailer for Book 2 during this year’s The International (TI) Dota 2 tournament this August as Free to Play is now on Netflix.

Free to Play is a documentary based on Valve’s first Dota 2 International Tournament. This event focuses on three professional Dota 2 players who are competing for the $1 Million prize pool.

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