Riot Games adds Limited-time Escalation Mode to Valorant

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Valorant Escalation Mode

Valorant will be adding a new Escalation mode to the game, which will be a limited time mode operating in a 5-vs-5 format across 12 levels

If recent leaks are to be believed, Riot Games has added a limited time Escalation mode to Valorant. A formal announcement regarding this addition is yet to come from the developer.

As of date, Valorant comes with three standard modes in the game. There’s the regular plant and defuse game type along with Spike Rush and the famous Deathmatch. With the Escalation mode, Riot Games will be offering a fourth option to players.

Escalation mode in Valorant: Overview

Valorant has tasted success with a fast-paced playlist, where kills gain maximum focus to surge ahead. A similar module will be in place in the Escalation mode in line with previous iterations.

An interesting feature of this mode is that it will be a limited time mode, meaning it will not be a permanent addition to Valorant’s option list. Whether Riot Games later introduces this mode as a permanent feature, remains to be seen.

Details of Escalation mode

Escalation features a 5-vs-5 format and the playlist apparently has a steady focus on out-slaying the competition. The objective of the new mode is to advance through 12 escalation levels.

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In order to climb to a higher level, players need to make enough enemy kills and they shall reach the next tier. Each level provides a new weapon or ability, giving players an ever-dynamic arsenal throughout the match.

The first team to successfully win past all 12 levels will be crowned the winner. Also, whichever team is further along when time expires may emerge victorious.

More facts

Ensuring a harmony between individual and team matrices, a gamer’s loadout will only surge forward if he finds enough kills to help the team.

On an average, games in this mode will have a time span of around 7-9 minutes. To keep player momentum going, there is a strict 10-minute timer in place, to keep things moving.

Leveling up in Valorant Escalation mode

Players will get an array of weapons and abilities from Level 3 all the way to Level 11. The 12th and final level provides something a little weaker.

Talking about weapon options, players will have to win matches with anything from a Shock Dart, a knife, a Classic or a snowball thrower on offer.

All players load in with Raze’s Rocket Launcher or a standard Phantom or Vandal. Level 2 is always either a Vandal or Phantom. However, from that Level 3 onwards, the game gets an entirely new structure each time.

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