Riot Games introduces the highly-anticipated HRTF Feature in Valorant

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HRTF Valorant

In a move that is sure to please a lot of Valorant fans, Riot Games has introduced the HRTF feature in Valorant in its in patch 2.06 update

It’s been a long time, many Valorant fans have been continuously asking Riot Games for implementing Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) to the tactical shooter. No doubt, HRTF already exists in many popular FPS titles, but Valorant players were still waiting to get it.

HRTF feature in Valorant

Interestingly, Riot has listened to many of its fans and delivered the Head-Related Transfer Function audio to their title in patch 2.06 update on Mar 30, 2021. They introduced many new settings for improving in-game audio in addition to many other needed changes.

Still, many players are not sure and puzzled about its new feature and what is all about? We have tried to cover everything for you.

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Some reasons state how enabling HRTF audio can enhance players’ in-game performance in Valorant. Also, it is time to learn its advantages.

Advantages of HRTF

  • HRTF allows Valorant players to find their enemies precisely on the map with the aid of audio cues. Riot has exclusively designed this to improve the audio experience for the user who prefers headphones.
  • When a player enables this feature, they can identify in-game sounds such as footsteps, reloads and Deathmatch respawns. Also, it offers abilities in a 3D space accurately using their headphones.

It is better to give a trial for in-game yourself. Some players prefer to play by disabling HRTF. Thus, there’s always a possibility that the feature may not suit you.


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