The Fortnite Impostors Mode is now live: Gamer’s Guide to Play and Win

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Fortnite Impostor Mode

The Fortnite Impostors Mode is now available in-game and players need to ensure the security of The Bridge or sabotage it as agents or impostors

The latest Fortnite patch v17.40 has launched the new Impostors mode. Here, players need to ensure the safety and security of The Bridge as an IO Agent. Alternatively, they can sabotage the IO from within as a hidden Impostor.

Players using AZERTY keyboards or non-default keybinds will need to first join into a Fortnite Impostors game to adjust the Keybind Settings for the game mode.

The Impostors Mode arrives in Fortnite

The Bridge is currently the IO’s top secret facility and the new mode aims to sustain its credentials. Fortnite Impostors is a mode for a maximum of 10 players: eight Agents maintaining The Bridge and two Impostors out to overtake it.

The Impostor mode is available as a public match or with a private party consisting of four to ten members. Players will take on the role of Agents or Impostors stationed at The Bridge.

Agents: The watchful protectors

Gamers need to complete Assignments like calibrating llamas and delivering Storm reports. However, they must be vigilant and keep an eye out for anyone untrustworthy.

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 Fortnite Impostors Mode

The Impostors will be sabotaging and eliminating anyone in their path. It would be worthwhile to report any dubious behaviour and vote out who players think’s an Impostor, but with caution.

To ease out the tasks, players can work together to root out anyone masquerading as a fellow Agent. However, they must exercise caution in trusting a fellow gamer, as he might be an Impostor.

Impostors: The ones to watch out & eliminate

The Impostors’ goal is to eliminate enough Agents to take control of The Bridge before being discovered. Impostor gamers have plenty of tools available to ensure anarchy along the way.

 Fortnite Impostors Mode

Like Agents, Impostors will have a list of Assignments they can complete to earn everyone’s trust. A word of caution here; every Assignment finished, pushed the Agents closer to their completion goal.

  • Disable Assignments: Temporarily freeze progress on all Assignments, buying you precious time.
  • Teleport Players: Relocate all Agents and Impostors to somewhere else on The Bridge, covering your tracks.
  • Peely Party: For a short time, all Agents and Impostors look like Peely so you can blend with the crowd.

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