Valorant gets new Celestial Bundle, Anime Skin Bundle

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alorant Celestial Bundle Anime Skin

Valorant will be adding a Celestial skin bundle and an anime-themed skin bundle to its item shop and both bundles will come for a price of 7100 VP each

Valorant fans will soon be up for a treat as the multiplayer tactical shooter game is slated to receive not one but two new bundles. Riot Games has consistently ensured that players get new weapon skin options at regular intervals. Joining the league now are the Celestial bundle and Anime skin bundle.

Valorant Celestial bundle

Various leaks have confirmed the arrival of the brand new Celestial bundle in Valorant. This bundle will be up on the market for gamers to avail and purchase on a bi-weekly basis.

The new bundle will come equipped with five weapons with a newly launched cosmetic finish. Players will need to shell out 7100 Valorant Points (VP) for the entire bundle.

Celestial bundle at a glance

Celestial Phantom

  • Price: 1775 VP

Celestial Ares

  • Price: 1775 VP

Celestial Frenzy

  • Price: 1775 VP

Celestial Judge

  • Price: 1775 VP

Celestial Melee

  • Price: 3550 VP
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Valorant Anime Skin Bundle

Valorant is expected to launch its Episode 2 Act 2 soon. Going by recent leaks, players will get the option of an Anime-themed skin bundle.

Touted to be named as ‘Go Volume 1’, the anime theme on the weapons is inspired by art of five agents from the game. Players will get five new weapons and five agent themes.

Valorant seems to have ditched a texture sticker and has taken inspiration from previous collections, like the Singularity collection the Winterwunderland Collection and utilized them in the Valorant Go Collection.

Gamers got a hint of these skins earlier as they were teased during the leak of Glitchpop 2.0 and the updated Glitchpop store on Split. The cumulative cost of the bundle will be 7100 VP.

Anime skin specs in Valorant


  • Price: 1775 VP

Spectre: Themed as Killjoy

  • Price: 1775 VP

Guardian: Comes with Cypher’s anime theme

  • Price: 1775 VP

Ghost: Designed with Sage and one of her Orbs

  • Price: 1775 VP

Melee Knife: Representing Jett’s ultimate abilities

  • Price: 1775 VP

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