BGMI Emulator Version not on the cards as of now: Krafton

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Emulator version BGMI

BGMI will not be getting an emulator version anytime soon, Krafton has stated. In the first episode of Krafton’s “We Heard You”, the BGMI developer answered and addressed questions and queries from fans.

Emulator version in BGMI

Apart from issues like bug fixes, Bonus Challenge and Prime subscription, Krafton cleared the air on the emulator version as well. For the uninitiated, an emulator version of any game allows players to run the game smoothly on their PCs.

In order to install the game, users will first have to download an emulator on their PC.

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During the PUB-G times, gamers could easily enjoy the game on their PCs, thanks to the emulator version. However, the abrupt ban on the game resulted in this feature being axed as well.

Why no BGMI emulator version

Justifying its stand, Krafton said that if an emulator version is in place, various illegal activities could take place. Falsification would become rampant and easy, compared to the mobile environment.

Hence, there are currently no plans in terms of supporting the emulator version, Krafton mentioned. “If there is any change upon support of the emulator version, we will further inform you through another notice,” it said.

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