Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gets mid-season update

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COD: Black Ops Cold War update

The patch updates come with major reinforcements in the form of a new map, new bundles and new gaming modes

Activision has revealed the contents for Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s mid-season update. Christened as Season One: Reloaded, Treyarch has loaded up the curated patch notes for gamers to stay updated about all the new features that’ll come their way with the update.

New maps & locations

The biggest attraction accompanying the update is the new Sanatorium map, which is referred to as a massive new arena, where teams will be able to unearth the concealed secrets of Project Golova. This new low-wooded hills area map allows gamers to jump into a fleet of land, sea, air vehicles and take the fight to battle the enemy in this lavishly spread zone. This, coupled with other Fireteam maps put together is expected to form a new Warzone location.

A new six-vs-six game mode called Dropkick has been introduced, where players drop in and fight for control of nuclear codes within a briefcase. 200 points and an explosive ending await the first team to get the goodies.

Attraction for Zombie fans

Zombies lovers get the new Cranked mode, which was announced earlier, will operate similar to the game mode seen in multiplayer. Players must constantly kill and defeat zombies to stay alive against a fast-depleting timer. PlayStation players are also expected to receive an exclusive new Zombie Onslaught map known as Raid, along with new Dark Aether intel to be explored. Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is currently offering free access standalone download for its Zombies component.

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New bundles introduced

A new bundle for both Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone called Disavowed Assassin are being introduced and it contains three iconic items to be discovered. The pack contains a unique melee weapon Blueprint, a killer operator skin and a lethal finishing move called the ‘Dangerous Approach’. Aiding these would be a new emblem and calling card, which will also be introduced.

This bundle will be joined by the Tracer Pack Indigo bundle, which contains two Legendary Blueprints: the ‘Great Pacific’ assault rifle and the ‘Turbo Powered’ SMG. Both weapons fire indigo tracer rounds as well as a new Emblem, Sticker, Charm and Calling Card. The Tracer Pack Indigo bundle will be available for purchase in the in-game Store on January 17th.

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