Call of Duty: Mobile Season One gets Fight for Humanity event

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CODM: Fight for Humanity

Call of Duty: Mobile gets Fight for Humanity featured event, where gamers get to play in factions to conquer territories and win individual and team points

Call of Duty: Mobile has received a community update, which has introduced the Fight for Humanity featured event for CODM Season 1. It features multiple new modes, weapons and a new map.

About Fight for Humanity in COD: Mobile

In this event, gamers have to choose a side and join the match alongside their fellow players. Players earn points as they march ahead for more territorial control. Players can win a total ofΒ 15 territories on the multiplayer map.

There are two factions: Atlas Corporation and Cordis Die. Each faction in this event gets their individual version of the Cordite to be captured and the Russian Merc operator. Players get to conquer one territory at a time with a 24-hour window for each.

Tasks across Fight for Humanity

The winning faction gets to use the ATV-Override. Factions making their way to the top of the leaderboard get access to the Legendary Calling Card-Rupture. A bonus point is awarded to a faction winning the day’s game, which helps unlocking further rewards along the way and reach higher milestones.

Each territory has a unique task awaiting players; completing which ensures individual as well as faction points and rewards. These range from new weapon Blueprints to charms and character skins.

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Challenges ahead

In terms of the aforementioned unique tasks, players might be required to fetch kills in Battle Royale while another offers a 3-vs-3 gunfight mode or a featured playlist. If a faction wins the latter, they earn points.

The organizers want players toΒ check the event page and map at regular intervals. This will help them see where their faction stands in the current territory and continue on the mission.

Fight for Humanity honours community gaming

The idea is to have players contribute to the cause of the faction in capturing territories, the more points are up for grabs: both personal and for the faction. This aspect of the event lends further credibility to community gaming.

The largest contributors to the scoreboard stand to earn leaderboard prizes like the Legendary Calling Card Cosmic Wave. All players in the winning faction get to show off their winner’s badge of honour with the classic ATV β€” Override vehicle skin.

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