The Destiny Guardian XM8 Evo Gun skin arrives in Free Fire

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Destiny Guardian Free Fire

Garena Free Fire has recently introduced the much-awaited Destiny Guardian XM8 Evo gun skin via Faded Wheel in the battle royale

Free Fire recently introduced the much-awaited Destiny Guardian XM8 Evo gun skin via Faded Wheel. This is the 6th Evo gun skin in the BR title. Players can upgrade it using the “Destiny Lightning” token to unlock various privileges.

Free Fire brings the Destiny Guardian skin

Free Fire fans will recall that all Evo gun skins are unique and are upgradeable in nature. Gamers can unlock certain privileges as their level increases. This includes a unique emote, special effects, and even visual appearance enhancements.

Interested players can acquire the new XM8 Evo gun skin by spending diamonds in the Faded Wheel, which commenced on August 7. It is available for gamers till September 5.

How to acquire Destiny Guardian skin in Free Fire

Similar to all other Faded Wheels, players must initially remove two items from the prize pool they are not interested in winning. Once done, the players will be able to spin the wheel. Each spin draws one reward, and once it has been received, the item gets grayed out.

The costs of the spins are as follows:

  • 1st spin – Free
  • 2nd spin – 9 diamonds
  • 3rd spin – 19 diamonds
  • 4th spin – 39 diamonds
  • 5th spin – 69 diamonds
  • 6th spin – 99 diamonds
  • 7th spin – 199 diamonds
  • 8th spin – 499 diamonds
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Since the items are not repeated, players are guaranteed to obtain the XM8 Evo gun skin within eight spins or less. However, users should note that the cost increases with eventual spins. Players are sure to obtain the new gun skin for 933 diamonds or less.

Steps to access the Free Fire Faded Wheel

  • Step 1: On opening Free Fire, tap on the “Luck Royale” icon located on the left side of the main lobby.
  • Step 2: Users should press the “Faded Wheel” tab and remove the two items they do not want.
  • Final Step: Users can finally spin the wheel and draw a random reward.

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