CS:GO latest release notes makes changes to Maps, 360 Stats

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CS:GO release notes

Valve has released the latest notes for CS:GO, with multiple changes to various aspects of the game including maps and CS:GO 360 stats

Valve has released the latest notes for CS:GO, with multiple changes to various aspects of the game. These include alterations to maps, Miscellaneous items and CS:GO 360 Stats. Fans of the game will certainly like the enhancements carried out.

Map changes in CS:GO


  • Implemented Cubby 2.0 in mid connector to A, to remove cheap shoulder angle towards site-Slimmed down the fancy rock, also in mid connector to A
  • Sparsed foliage and improved clipping on boost planter near A main
  • Quieted down soundscape birds
  • Removed clipping from top of bombsite sign in A site, allowing you to self-boost to planter by T main
  • Added vphysics clip to T spawn water so guns don’t fully submerge
  • So many clip brush tweaks
  • Blocked grenades from entering inaccessible building by T entrance to mid
  • Valve has blocked pixelgaps through scaffolding near B site
  • Blocked pixelgaps through doorway trim in new CT path to A site
  • Simplified grenade collision on rooftops
  • General optimizations
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CS:GO 360 Stats

  • Adjusted the calculation for the weapon performance category score

Miscellaneous items

  • Fixed a case where players would receive duplicate warnings about launching in untrusted mode.


  • Made wall on A long surfable
  • Fixed invisible wall near B site
  • Fixed out of map boost near A site
  • Valve has Fixed collision of wall near A site
  • Fixed collision of pillars around A site
  • Minor art updates around T spawn

Frostbite in CS:GO release notes

  • Fixed a regression with airdrops
  • Valve has Fixed stuck spots (thanks Jakob & conzept)
  • Fixed a gap in terrain
  • Reworked watchtower models

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