CS:GO Patch Update gets Multiple Map Fixes – All You Need to Know

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Feb 17 CS:GO update

The latest CS:GO update has patched multiple maps like Apollo and Anubis along with changed short-handed bonus systems and new ping

Valve has released a new update for CS:GO on February 17. This includes patching multiple maps including Anubis and Apollo.

On February 17, Valve has published the latest update for CS:GO, patching multiple maps that consist of Apollo and Anubis. Not just this, this has also changed short-handed bonus systems and new ping

CS:GO Patch Updates Overview

Valve started 2021 by implementing various features that can enhance the quality of players’ life. Bonuses for teams that have an AFK and Pings that made the game free from controversial bots, making it better.

However, systems are slowly uncovered. Valve has deteriorated the ping system in its February 17 update. It has also fixed some bugs along with the bonus system.

Pings No Longer Focus Enemies

The Ping system in CS:GO highlights only guns and not enemies. This is done to remove any clues of being revealed to a hidden enemy. According to developers, people could spam pings with the aid of utility such as smoke to find enemies that spoil the spirit of the game.

Anubis, Apollo, Frostbite, Engage Exploits Removed

Many exploits on the news maps of the game have been eliminated with the latest updates on February 17. Developers have taken down the boost spots of Engage.

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Also, they have removed the wallbang of Anubis and have deleted exploits on Apollo. Frostbite got a common clean-up, refining clipping and eliminating glass from buildings ‘to advance gameplay.’

CS:GO Patch Updates at a glance

Check out the recent updates with various Map Fixes listed below:


  • Reskinned the information, and signs boards
  • Wallbang fixed via the trim on the mid building between the CT house and double door.
  • A few grenade clips added for preventing strange grenade from bouncing on a heaven


  • Many visual issues fixed
  • Boost Spots removed
  • Bot NAV Updated


  • Clipping faults and boosts,Multiple exploits, etc. fix based on the feedback of  timure of the MapInk Discord
  • Spawn boost exploit fixed and Oliv1er
  •  Guns going out of CT spawn with a big sign blocked.


  • Window glass from buildings removed to improve gameplay
  • Exploit in Town fixed
  • Stuck spots & certain visual errors fixed
  • Border clipping adjusted
  • Floating exploding barrel/turret spawns fixed
  • Prop fade distance in the bunker Adjusted
  • Drone clips to buildings at Radio and Tourist added


  • As Pings are longer highlight players. This removes all proves that hidden enemy can reveal.
  • A short-handed bonus fixed in Guardian mode
  • The visual shuffle fixed at end of the match in map vote.

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