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Valve recently rolled out the 7.20 update with major changes and tweaks to various heroes along with the map terrain.
Players will see various  new mechanics introduced to the gameplay and change in advents of the map with new pathing and position changes.

From the early picking phase, there will be no Daily hero quests.

Laning phase has now very high impact on GPM for heroes with the new deny mechanic, removing exp gained for each deny to receiving 20% gold bounty instead.

Ever felt the need to keep teleport scroll in your backpack and suffering its cooldown issue? Fret not! 7.20 has got you covered with a cool new spot for teleport scrolls outside the 6 slots inventory and 3 slots in the backpack.

Note: Ring of Aquila has been removed.


  • Armor will effect the damage induced with cleave damage type getting changed to physical.
  • Cleave damage for various abilities have been reqorked
  • Minor increase in cleave area of effect including distance and width.
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  • Enemy combatant hero buff to allied towers has been removed.
  • Tier 1 to Tier 4 towers have been given health boost by 200, 300, 400 and 500 respectively.


  • 5 minutes for Day to Night and vice versa
  • Roshan pit is now scannable.
  • Self-damage does not effect regen items, blink, etc.
  • Lifesteal amount is now affected by damage dealt by the hero



    • Yasha and Kaya

Combining the basic agility and intelligence items provides increased Agility and Intelligence with boost to magic damage by spells and movement speed.

    • Kaya and Sange

Boosting strength attributes with intelligence gain, it provides additional spell damage with status resistance.

    • Ring of Tarrasque

Provides additional hp regen and health points. Can be used into making HOT and new Holy Locket.

    • Holy Locket

Passive. Amplification of health regent provided to allied units.

    • Crown

Addition of 4 stats and can be used to make items like Dagon, Veil, etc.

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