Valorant Champions Tour 2021 guide details unveiled

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VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 guide

The Valorant Champions Tour will have challenger series of events, regional tournaments with an open qualification system

The Valorant Champions Tour is Riot Games’ first official attempt at a global circuit for stoking competitive Valorant. Conceptualized out of the early success of the First Strike events, the Champions Tour is a year-long circuit of regional competition concluding in a Champions event to decide the first world champion.

Valorant Champions Tour format

This tour will start with the Challenger series of events and regional tournaments with an open qualification system. There will be three sets of Challenger events with three weekends each. The open qualifiers will see eight teams compete each weekend. The top four teams from the first weekend will bypass the open qualifiers for the second weekend.

The top four from the second weekend will advance to the Challenger Final while the bottom four shall bypass the third weekend’s qualifiers. Finally, the top four from the third weekend will also advance to the Challenger Final. This Challenger Final determines which teams will represent their regions at one of just three Master events.

Teams who compete in the three Masters events will earn points towards qualifying to the world championship event, Champions. Also, the team that wins the final Masters event will qualify directly for Champions regardless of their point’s total. After that final Masters event, four Last Chance qualifiers will produce the final four teams for Champions.

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Tour schedule for gamers

Schedule details for the entire Valorant Champions Tour haven’t been finalized yet, but the first Challengers events will certainly take place at the end of January and the beginning of February.

Kicking off the event would be the first Challenger stage will have staggered start dates across all regions. Latin America Challengers starts on January 26, Brazil and Korea begin on January 30, North America runs from February 3 to 7, Europe starts on February 4, Southeast Asia begins on February 5, and the CIS region kicks off February 11. The dates for Japan, the Middle East and North Africa regions are yet to be declared.

Regional distribution of teams

  • Three teams from North America: two via circuit points and one via Last Chance Qualifier
  • Three teams from Europe: two via circuit points and one via Last Chance Qualifier
  • Two teams from Brazil via circuit points
  • One team from Latin America via circuit points
  • One team from Japan via circuit points
  • Two teams from Southeast Asia via circuit points
  • One team from Korea via circuit points
  • One team from Brazil-Latin America Last Chance qualifier
  • One team from Japan-Southeast Asia-Korea Last Chance qualifier
  • The winner of the Masters 3 event

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