Free Fire Cobra Go Event: What all Gamers can expect

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Free Fire Cobra Go Event

Free Fire’s Cobra Go event is currently on and it features the Cobra Sidekick Bundle and the Slither Surfboard

Garena has released the The Cobra Go event with multiple new features including the ‘Cobra Sidekick Bundle’ and the ‘Slither Surfboard’.

This new Free Fire Cobra Go event will offer its players tons of exciting rewards like ‘the Cobra Sidekick skin bundle, Slither Surfboard, weapon royale vouchers’ and many more to list them down.

This event is going to last until March 7, 2021 and is one of the few events during the Project Cobra update. It has additional contents like the ‘revamped training ground’ and new ‘functional weapons’ for the game.

Free Fire Cobra Go: Working Process

This Cobra Go event will function similar to a board game. It will encourage players to roll the dice and move through the mini-game board, and then redeem the rewards.

Roll the dice in our latest mini-game – Cobra GO! 🐍 Play in the mini-game and collect tokens and complete your laps to…

Posted by Garena Free Fire on Friday, February 19, 2021

Further, these dice rolls can easily be acquired by completing daily event tasks that is provided by simply logging in every day.

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Here, each square in the mini-game board will have a surprise for its players. Squares may also have rewards or maybe perks to assist the player progress.

After finishing a certain number of laps, these players will get additional rewards. Below, is a list of rewards that players can acquire once they have completed a specific number of laps.

  • 5 Laps will be of 2000 Gold
  • 10 Laps will be of Memory Fragment
  • 15 Laps will be of Legendary Cobra Pin x1

So, players will collect Cobra Coins in the mini-game. Further, these can be used to purchase in-game items in the event shop.

Details Of Cobra Go: How to Earn Points

After the collection of Cobra Coins, players can easily access the event store. They can even exchange their coins for in-game items.

Below is a list of items that players can acquire:

  • Slither Surfboard will be for 30 Cobra Coins
  • The Cobra Sidekick at the bottom will be for 60 Cobra Coins
  • Cobra Sidekick (Shoes) will be for 40 Cobra Coins
  • Cobra Sidekick at the top will be for 80 Cobra Coins
  • Weapon Royale Voucher is for 10 Cobra Coins

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