Wild Rift launches Lux's Trial Event with Poro Coins as Reward

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Wild Rift Lux’s Trial

Wild Rift Lux’s Trial will run till March 17th and there are 200 Poro Coins to be won as players overcome every challenge posed by Lady Luminosity

League of Legends has launched the Wild Rift Lux’s Trial event today and gamers have the opportunity to grab up to 200 Poro coins. Guiding the players towards challenges and missions would be Lady Luminosity. She will also help them know where they stand to be rewarded.

Lux’s Trial Event in Wild Rift

The Lux’s Trial event will be underway till March 17th and offers a large number of Poro Coins to players. They can then exchange these coins in the Poro Shop for poses, baubles and skins.

Gamers are aware that Poro Coins are considered a rare commodity in Wild Rift. Hence players have a grand opportunity via this event to acquire a considerable amount of Poro Coins. Gamers can use these coins to unlock more cosmetics in the future.

Lady Luminosity was last seen in the previous event, Katarina’s Challenge. On similar lines, the Lux’s Trial event rewards players for completing various game tasks. This time however, the rewards are in the form of Poro Coins instead of Blue Motes.

The final reward is the ‘Pengu Party Emote’, which Wild Rift players can obtain only in the event or have acquired randomly through casual emote chests from other events.

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Missions, Objectives & Rewards in Lux’s Trial

  • Illuminate the Enemy – Place or destroy 25 wards (20 Poro Coins)
  • Clear the Way – As a team, kill 2,500 minions and/or monsters (20 Poro Coins)
  • Baron Slayer – As a team, kill 4 Barons (30 Poro Coins)
  • Shine Like Gold – You and your premade party earn a total of 250,000 gold (30 Poro Coins)
  • Kill Secured – You and your premade party get a total of 300 takedowns (50 Poro Coins)
  • Team Player – Play 20 games OR Win five games with your premade party (50 Poro Coins)
  • Trial Complete – Complete all 6 Lux’s Trial missions (Pengu Party Emote)

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