PUBG Mobile Update v.0.9.0: Halloween

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PUBG Mobile released the new Halloween Update today this morning. For players running latest versions, the update file size is around 500 MB.

The game has introduced language filter option along with its various modes and maps. Players will be able to select the preferred language to get matched with the players of the same language. This will impact in a positive way towards the localization of the PUBG Mobile game in the Indian market.

Spectator mode in the game for players and observers also received a revamp. Whilst before, the players could not spectate other players/teams after their team is dead, has been changed to spectating of other players till the game ends.
In addition, room game observers will also have options to view bullet trajectory and projectiles.

There have been many changes in improving performance and visibility. Here are a few major changes to the game:

Erangel Improvements

  • Added Night Mode to Erangel alongwith Goggles for night vision.
  • New buildings and layouts change in various locations.


  • In all maps, the Spawn Island has gone through Halloween makeover.
  • AKM Kills will make dying opponent players into scarecrows.
  • Devil face animation for greande exposions.
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Matchmaking Improvements

  • Added an option where the system will first find teammates that speak the same language.
  • Matchmaking time has been reduced greatly with the new update with various improvements allowing players to grow ranks in an appropriate manner.

Spectator Mode 

  • Spectate after death is now allowed.
  • Bullet trajectory and Projectile view toggles have been added for observers


  • Advanced room creation has been introduced. Like the PC Version of the game, Advanced mode will allow room creators to make more detailed changes to in game mechanics and default parameters including playzone size and playzone shrink speed.
  • FPP Mode for Miranamar and Sonhok has been added to custom rooms.
  • Room share and invite options have been provided for the players to share in their respective channels.
  • Room button has been moved from Mode options to the Main page

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