Wild Rift patch 2.2a: Changes to Champions and Items

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Wild Rift patch 2.2a

Wild Rift patch 2.2a updates introduces revamped Agent abilities, several desired bug fixes and modifies items for gamers to explore

Wild Rift fans were recently greeted with the latest patch 2.2a update for the game, which brought in new champions and skins. In this article we discuss the various changes your existing champions will go through.

Many gamers have insisted in the past for these mods, and Riot appears to have answered their requests.

Patch 2.2a enhancements to Existing Agents


For a tanky supportive champ, Alistar’s dealing too much damage, particularly to turrets. Using (2) Headbutt to attack turrets should be a bit more of a conscious choice.

(2) Headbutt

  • Damage: 55/130/205/280 → 50/120/190/260
  • Turret damage ratio: 150% → 75%


Blitzcrank has been slightly under-performing for a while now, so we’re reverting some of the nerfs he received last year. These changes, combined with the recent tank item update, should give him a healthier space in the support roster.

(1) Rocket Grab

  • Damage: 60/120/180/240 → 80/140/200/260

(2) Overdrive

  • Self-slow duration: 1.5s → 1s


Corki’s mail route stops by the Rift a bit too often. We’re giving him a bit of a break between deliveries with the goal to give him and his opponents a bit of breathing room.

(P) Hextech Munitions

  • The Package arrival rate: 100s → 150s


Diana’s weak across the board, so we’re shifting some of the rank-up power from (3) Lunar Rush into (2) Pale Cascade alongside some general buffs. These changes will help her survive the laning phase and push her advantage when she gets ahead.

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Base Stats

  • Base Health: 570 HP → 610 HP

(P) Moonsilver Blade

(New) After casting a spell, Diana gains 30% to 120% Attack Speed (based on level) for the next 3 attacks.

(1) Crescent Strike

  • Cooldown: 10/9/8/7s → 9/8/7/6s

(2) Pale Cascade

  • Cooldown: 14s → 13/11.5/10/8.5s

(3) Lunar Rush

  • (Removed) Bonus Attack Speed moved to (P) Moonsilver Blade

(Ult) Moonfall

  • Minimum base damage: 150/200/250 + 35% AP → 175/225/275 + 40% AP
  • Maximum base damage: 300/400/500 + 70% AP → 350/450/550 + 80% AP

Item changes in patch 2.2a update

Infinity Orb

Infinity Orb is providing too much value for its gold cost. We’re bumping its price up a smidgen to delay its purchase in snowbally games.

  • Total Cost: 2850g → 3150g

Sunfire Aegis

While not being drastically overpowered, Sunfire Aegis is performing a bit too well. Taking it down a notch to add some more first-item choice for tanks.

  • Base Damage: 16 to 30 → 16 to 25
  • Bonus Damage HP Ratio: 1% → 0.8%

Glorious Enchant

  • Fixed a bug where item cost displayed as 800g
  • Cost: 500g (unchanged)

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