Battle Royale for Kitchenware – Cuisine Royale

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When the fight is going on between contenders for PUBG and Fortnite, new battle royale genre game has been launched with early access titled; Cuisine Royale.

Cuisine royale takes its name being a complete survival based battle royale with drops and items revolving a lot around items related to kitchen. In the name of a helmet you will get a eating bowl, as a back protection you might get a pan with wrenches for leveling up the protection, etc.

Apart from the fun way regarding in game itemization, the graphics looks pretty smooth which easily reflects by the grassland, patches and sunlight reflection by water spread on the ground.

Few fun points we looked into that’s different from other same genre games:

  • 30 Player drops at different locations.
  • Items revolving around Kitchenware. (Bowl on the head, pan on the back, forks, and wrenches to level up armors, etc.)
  • Healing IV Drip attached while running here and there.
  • No collision with trees/bushes.
  • Shopping bag hanging on the left hand to collect more items.
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A premium feature released in the game is guarantees getting well-labeled content from free loot boxes. In the game, players can chew a cigar which in turn will make the increase the player indurance capability and thus can survive under higher hit threats.

The game is currently in Early access so players might find a few bugs here and there.

Release date: 16 June 2018

Platform: Steam [LINK]

Servers: EU, RU, US

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