The Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event is now live: All details here

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Apex Legends Genesis Collection

Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event goes live today and there is a lot of information to get gaming fans excited once it hits the floor

Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event goes live today and there is a lot of information to get gaming fans excited once it hits the floor. It’s an in-game event, which promises to bring a lot of new things to the Battle Royale game.

Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event

In this event, players will be able to battle it out in Apex Legends’ first-ever map. Games will get a new version of Kings Canyon before all the attacks, explosions, earthquakes, and giant dinosaurs were introduced.

The event will witness a unified launch, meaning that all platforms will receive the update at the same time. These include PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Players will be able to participate in chaotic gunfights in everyone’s favorite point of interest: Skull Town. Not only will Kings Canyon Season 0 be joining the rotation, but Respawn has also reinstated World’s Edge back to its original form for the two-week-long event.

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Genesis Collection: More details

For the Genesis Collection Event, the reward track contains a set of new weapon charms and a skin for Wattson. Also on offer are new weapon cosmetics including a legendary Charge Rifle and EVA-8.

Players can earn up to 1,600 points a day and challenges will refresh daily. There will also be four unique badges for this event which will be rewarded to players who complete certain challenges.

Limited-theme cosmetics

The Genesis Collection Event will also be introducing 24 themed limited-time cosmetics. Players can either purchase these with Apex Coins/Crafting Materials or earn as rewards from Genesis Event Apex Packs.

Respawn has yet to confirm the specifics regarding these limited-time cosmetics. As per reports, if a player collects all 24 items, Respawn will reward them with Revenant’s Heirloom.

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